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Phase I


It started with looking at Modern warship aesthetics to their armament of various weaponry that can be seen on different warships within the game. I wanted to see what shapes and forms were consistent to real-world equivalents. Another part of the research was researching real-world references to rail gun weapon systems and understanding how they work, what type of ammunition they require, and their source of energy to fire the projectile. I also want to get a sense of knowledge of how forms of warship weapons follow their functional abilities.


Phase II


I was given several requirements that gave me some restrictions to stay within. A week was the timeframe to complete this prop.

Length, Width, and Height were following real world requirements of a rail gun system, as well as the compartment for which this weapon system would be held in.
I was to focus on the weapon itself as well as the mechanism which was to raise it from within the compartment of the vehicles

Phase III


After getting direction from one of the forms that was chosen, I went into giving a bit more definition to how that form could be pushed and pulled in different directions. I let the housing unit influence the overall shape of the barrel that came out of it.


Phase IV


Once form was getting closer to being complete, small art direction to key elements were given to drive the final design to completion.

Phase V

Final deliverables

The final deliverable was submitted at the end of the week with clean topology and a model ready to be integrated into the larger overall Argonas vehicle.

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