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Phase I


Given how broad the prompt was, I got to ideating on what I considered to be enhancing expressiveness. Some ideas were wild while others were more conservative, but for such a prompt the more wilder they were the more fun the interactive product became.

Photo Sep 02 2023, 9 45 10 AM.jpg

Phase II


Concepting after picking a direction led me to hone in on the necessary parts I would need to create such a piece. It also narrowed my focus on what the context for this product would be.

Phase III


Using the lasercutter and rough arduino code mixed with a pressure sensor, I was able to create V1 of Sedusa which was a lot of fun to test and play around with different animations.


Phase IV

User Testing

User testing led me to find several flaws and pain points while testing sedusa. This influence what I needed to revise the product to becoming the final one seen in the end.

Phase V.I


First revision was having stiffer feathers so that they would get stuck with each other. As well as making them more abstract and without small cuts but more uniform in shape. As well as making one side more colorful.


Phase VI

Final deliverables

Everything came together in the end with a theatrical presentation that illustrated beautifully how this product worked and in what context one would use it. 

Phase V.II


Second revision was to have a stronger structure and more condense wire work so that wires couldn't be pulled by accident and break the system. Everything became way more concise and smaller since I hard soldered everything and made wires shorter. I also updated the structure from cardboard to foam core allowing more durability in use.

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