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My Design Process

Phase I


Researching designs is a fundamental aspect of the product design process. It involves delving deep into the needs and desires of the target audience, understanding market trends, and exploring innovative solutions. The journey of research begins with curiosity and a genuine desire to uncover insights that can inform and inspire the design direction.


Phase II


Ideation is the fertile ground where great ideas are discovered and brought to life. It involves continuous sketching and drawing inspiration from the real world, illuminating the inception of every concept, whether it's bold and experimental or refined and conventional. Each idea in this phase tells its own unique story.

Phase III


Prototyping bridges the gap between a 2D concept and its real-world 3D manifestation, altering not only our perception of the object but also the user's interaction with it in their physical environment. Progressing from low to high fidelity, prototyping reveals both challenges and solutions, propelling the design closer to its ultimate realization. Employing tools like laser cutters, pink foam, and foam core enables the creation of prototypes that bring the concept to life in the tangible world.


Phase IV

User Testing

User testing elevates the prototyping process by enabling users to actively engage with the prototype, uncovering potential flaws and providing invaluable feedback. This iterative approach ensures a user-centered design, seamlessly integrating the product into users' workflows for optimal functionality.

Phase V


It's never too late to revisit and revise based on user testing findings, as costs tend to escalate beyond this point. Addressing minor flaws and refining successful design choices can enhance the final product's appeal and execution.


Phase VI

Final deliverables

With a thoroughly developed concept and model in hand, you can confidently present and pitch your idea to the client, highlighting the meticulous thought and attention to detail that sets this product apart from competitors. It's a testament to the harmonious blend of form and function that defines its unique appeal.

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