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Phase I


It was time for the US military to design the next generation of the light armored anti-tank infantry vehicles M2 and M3 Bradley variants. I researched the M2 and M3 variants heavily, as well as looking at current market trends for what potential future technologies may be available. I did this so that I could pitch it as a vehicle design that can be potentially manufactured in the coming years.


Phase II


It started with a simple low fidelity model, exploring the rough shape and the potential armament of the tank turret.

Phase III


From ideation, I did multiple iterations of the tank turret, making over 50+ iteration rounds throughout the process.


Phase IV


Now that I had the form down, I start looking into smaller details like lidar camera's and sensors around the turret, range finding and targeting systems. 

Phase V

Revisions II

Adding more details to enhance the turrets design.


Phase VI

Final deliverables

Badger was fully furnished with all the details down to the small screws it took to close the electronics on the back of the anti-missile defense systems on back of the main battery turret.

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